Shafiroff Racing UltraStreet Chevy Crate Engines

402 RealStreet Small Block Chevrolet Crate Engine
Shown With Optional Equipment
Less Carb & Ignition

This 402 "Real Street" Smallblock Has A Stronger Shortblock That Will Really Take A Beating! Beefier Components Means That It Will Work Well With Up To A 200HP Nitrous Kit ... Now You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It!

  • Horsepower
  • Torque
  • Bore & Stroke
  • Compression Ratio
  • Fuel Requirement
  • 495 @ 5700 RPM
  • 515 @ 4500 RPM
  • 4.125 x 3.750
  • 10 to 1
  • 91 Octane

  • Dart SHP Block w/Splayed 4 Bolt Main Caps
  • SSRE/Scat 4340 3.750" Stroke Steel Crank (1)
  • Scat 4340 6.000" Steel Rods with 7/16" Bolts
  • Clevite 77 "H" Series Main & Rod Bearings
  • Mahle Custom Coated 9.5-1 Forged Aluminum Pistons
  • Plasma Moly Ring Set
  • SSRE/Comp Cams Custom Grind Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
  • High Performance Hydraulic Roller Lifters
  • Cloyes Roller Timing Chain Set
  • Dart SHP 200cc Straight Plug Aluminum Heads
  • 2.020"/1.600" Stainless Steel Valves
  • 1.470" Hydraulic Roller Springs w/Steel Retainers
  • Manley Chromemoly Head Bolts & Heat Treated Washers
  • Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum Roller Rockers
  • Chromemoly (1) Piece .080" Wall Pushrods
  • FelPro HP Head Gaskets w/Pre-Flattened Steel Wire
  • Edelbrock "Performer RPM" Aluminum Intake
  • Milodon Hi-Perf Oil Pan w/Passenger Side Dipstick
  • Milodon Race Prepped Oil Pump
  • GM Performance Chrome Front Cover w/Billet Timing Pointer
  • Hi-Performance Harmonic Balancer
  • Complete Assembly Internally Balanced
  • Individually Dyno Tested & Tuned
  • Actual Dyno Sheet Provided

Cylinder Heads:
Dart Iron Eagle Platinum Steel Heads w/200cc Runners (Straight or Angle Plug) $ 75
Carburetors & Fuel System:
Why Buy A Carburetor From Us?

Yes, you can certainly purchase a stock carb from the big mail order companies but we've seen carbs out of the box down on power as much as 40HP and between 15-20HP is common. That's why we disassemble and blueprint EVERY carburetor before we ever bolt it on your engine. We then tune, adjust and jet your carb on your engine so you get every ounce of power that you paid for.

Even if you're considering one of our Engine Kits or simply looking for a replacement carb, the same blueprint work is done and we dyno test it on a comparable engine to yours before it ships!
$ Priceless

Edelbrock 825 CFM Carb Package w/Electric Choke includes: Carb Spacer, Studs & Gaskets. Dyno Tuned and Jetted. Excellent Street Manners With Improved Cold Weather Starting & Increased Fuel Economy. Produces Slightly Less Peak Horsepower. $ 595
QuickFuel 780 CFM Vacuum Secondary Carb Package includes: Carb w/Billet Metering Blocks & Throttle Body, Electric Choke, AN Inlets, Studs & Gaskets. Dyno Tuned, Jetted and Calibrated on your engine. $ 750
QuickFuel 830 CFM Mechanical Secondary Carb Package includes: Carb w/Billet Metering Blocks & Throttle Body, Electric Choke, AN Inlets, Studs & Gaskets. Dyno Tuned, Jetted and Calibrated on your engine. Recommended For Vehicles With Manual Transmissions. $ 775
QuickFuel 950 CFM Carb Package includes: Carb w/Billet Metering Blocks & Throttle Body, Phenolic Spacer, Aluminum AN Fuel Fittings, Studs & Gaskets. Dyno Tuned, Jetted and Calibrated on your engine. $ 920
Mechanical Fuel Pump Package Includes: High Volume Race Design 6 Valve Pump, Fuel Pump Rod, XRP -8 Braided Fuel Line Inlet Kit w/8AN Lines, Fittings and Fuel Filter. Plumbed, Installed & Dyno Tested On Your Engine. $ 395
Aeromotive Phantom In-Tank Electric Fuel Pump Includes: In-Tank Fuel Pump, Black Anodized Hanger Assembly, Internal Baffling System. (Uses -6AN Fittings and Requires Return Style Fuel System)
200 LPH Rated For 425HP EFI Forced Induction • 550HP EFI Naturally Aspirated
Rated For 550HP Carbureted Forced Induction • 750HP Carbureted Naturally Aspirated
#18689 $ 439
340 LPH Rated For 700HP EFI Forced Induction • 825HP EFI Naturally Aspirated
Rated For 900HP Carbureted Forced Induction • 1000HP Carbureted Naturally Aspirated
#18688 $ 549
Holley Billet Gerotor Electric Fuel Pump • Up To 750HP $ 195
Holley Billet Gerotor Electric Fuel Pump • Up To 900HP • Includes Regulator $ 235
Chrome Edelbrock Dual Feed line with filter and AN fittings (for Edelbrock carb only). $ 95
Ignition System:
MSD Electronic Ignition Package Includes: MSD Pro Billet Distributor, Hi Perf Gear, Custom Moroso 8mm Wire Set. Custom Curved and Calibrated To Your Engine. $ 395
MSD 6AL Digital Electronic Ignition Box w/Hi-Speed Rev Limiter $ 239
MSD 6AL-2 Digital Electronic Ignition Box w/Launch Control & Hi-Speed Rev Limiter $ 279
MSD Blaster 3 Hi Performance Ignition Coil w/HEI Style Post $ 49
Intake Manifolds:
AFR Composite Titan Strip TXS Intake Manifold AFR's New Light Weight Titan Composite 2 Piece Intake Not Only Looks Cool, It Runs Cool Too! $ 575
Weiand X-CELerator Intake. Over An Inch Lower Than Virtually Every Other Performance SB Intake. Slight Loss In Torque But Essentially The Same HP As The Edelbrock! Will Fit Under Stock Corvette Hood. $ N/C
Additional Parts - Labor - Accessories:
Billet Specialties Tru Trac Serpentine System $ Call
Billet Specialties V-Track Pulley System $ Call

Edelbrock Aluminum "High Volume" Mechanical Water Pump (Short or Long Version) SBC $210 BBC $ 250
Meziere 55GPH Electric Water Pump $ 450

SFI Heavy Duty Flex Plate & ARP Bolt Package $ 125
JW "The Wheel" Severe Duty SFI Flex Plate $ 215

PowerMaster Hi-Torque Mini Starter $ 229
Painless Performance Hot Shot Relay Kit (Recommended for above starter) $ 39
Meziere "Ten Pitch" 2.2KW Starter w/Super Duty Drive (Requires FPT300 Flexplate) $ 525
Meziere "Ten Pitch" True Billet 139 Tooth SFI Flexplate (Requires TST400 Starter) $ 357

Polished Cast Aluminum Front Cover (Oil Pan Restrictions May Apply) $ 50
EnduraShine Intake Finish w/ARP Stainless Steel Hardware (Edelbrock Intakes Only) $ 195
Custom Locking & Calibrated Dipstick $ 95
Custom Powder Coating Packages Available $ Call

If This Fuel Is Readily Available In Your Area, Our E85 Version Offers Much Greater HP And Torque Numbers Over Its' Gasoline Equivalent. E85 Fuel's Ability To Operate Without Detonation Under Much Higher Cylinder Pressure Allows Us To Significantly Raise The Compression Ratio And Slightly Alter Cam Timing To Produce These Dramatic Improvements. You Must Run An E85 Specific Carb Or Program Your Aftermarket Fuel Injection To Work With This Engine.

E85 Options: (Specific To This Version - All Other Classic Options Available)
QuickFuel E85 850 CFM Mechanical Secondary Carb Package includes: Carb w/Billet Metering Blocks & Throttle Body, Electric Choke, AN Inlets, Studs & Gaskets. Dyno Tuned, Jetted and Calibrated on your engine. $ 995

You Asked For It And We Listened! We Struck A Deal With AFR To Get Some Of The Hottest Cylinder Heads On The Market And When Combined With Our Special "Proprietary Grind" Hot Hydraulic Roller Cam, "Ultra Hi-Rev" Hydraulic Roller Lifters and 1.6 Ratio Pro Magnum Rockers, The Power Is Up Over 40HP!

  • AFR 210 Eliminator Fully CNC Ported Aluminum Heads
  • 8MM Stainless Valves
  • AFR Competiton Package Hydraulic Roller Springs
  • Comp Cams Custom "Proprietary Grind" Hydraulic Roller Cam
  • High Rev Hydraulic Roller Lifters
  • Edelbrock Air Gap Intake
  • Horsepower
  • Torque
  • Compression Ratio
  • Fuel Requirement
  • 525 @ 6000 RPM
  • 530 @ 4700 RPM
  • 10.25 to 1
  • 91 Octane
All RealStreet Options Available (Except Cylinder Heads)